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Post AGM message from OSRA Chairman - Dik Third

First of all, many thanks to those of you who attended the AGM on Monday evening, it was good to see you there. We hope to press ahead with implementing the SquashNet plan as soon as possible, with the intention of being ready for the forthcoming season. If we miss in September, we have the reserve target of Winter Part II, but should focus our efforts on getting the system in place for Part I.

As you will know from the meeting, our Treasurer and Secretary have now both stood down, I would like to add my thanks to them for their services to Squash in the County, we could not have managed without their input. I would also like to thank Trevor Cox for offering to represent OSRA at the forthcoming Regional Forum, it's important that we have a voice at such gatherings.

The committee is now short of members, to the point that constitutionally we can only make a decision if all the current team can make the meeting. I believe that the definition of a committee is that it comprises a Chairman, Secretary, and a Treasurer amongst others - one out of three is not a good average! This is obviously a precarious position so, if you know of anyone that's prepared to help, please let me know.

With regard to one matter raised at the meeting, I met yesterday with a representative of a Racquet company; amongst other topics discussed was that of match balls. At this stage there is no agreement in place but it might be possible to obtain supplies through OSRA at a preferential rate. If so, I would propose that we buy the match balls and arrange an ad hoc distribution system to get them out to teams at cost. It may even prove feasible to present a box to each team attending the AGM if the finances remain sound. I'll keep you posted on developments.

Dik Third

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