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Growing squash talent in Didcot

St. Birinus school have teamed up with squash players at Didcot Leisure Centre to recycle the squash players’ surplus kit. St. Birinus is seeing a big jump in student numbers playing squash as GCSE PE now has squash as one of its sporting options. Head of PE, Mr. Steve Tamblin said that squash is proving so popular St. Birinus have now set up an after school squash club whilst the core PE session often has all 4 courts in operation with more students waiting to get on court.


Responding to this growth, Didcot Squash who have two teams in the Oxfordshire Leagues, contacted Mr. Tamblin to see if St. Birinus would use team player’s old rackets and match balls to help provide good quality materials to his students. Mr. Tamblin reacted enthusiastically and the first rackets have now been passed over.


Sophie Shuttler at BETTER pledged Didcot Leisure Centre’s support to the initiative and her team will gather the kit and pass it on to St. Birinus.

St. Birinus and Didcot Squash hope that the initiative will see squash students eventually move from school sessions to box leagues and team representation. Both agreed that we they need now is a squash coach to be based at the DLC to take squash on to the next level.

Photo left to right: Mr. Steve Tamblin Head of PE St. Birinus School, Abeygail Walton – Customer Service Advisor at BETTER, Charlie Laing – 1st team captain Didcot Squash

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