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Please do note that if there is a particular issue to be addressed in respects of certain matches played within the Oxfordshire county leagues; that in the first instance these issues must be taken up with the relevant Divisional Manager - whether conduct or penalty related. Items will be adjudicated at a Divisional Manager level first and if necessary an appeal can be forwarded to the OSRA committee for due consideration.

Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure applicable to all players (whether OSRA members or not) playing in the OSRA inter club leagues

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to individuals and teams. By playing in the Oxfordshire County League they thereby accept all rules and regulations of the League (including this code of conduct), and agree to comply with them (irrespective of whether they have been given, or have seen a copy of the league rules or code of conduct).

Players and referees/markers should be familiar with the rules of squash and must make every effort to comply with them.

The OSRA supports the Rules of Squash as published by the WSF, and players agree to abide by these rules. Players agree to accept the powers available to referees/markers for dealing with on court offences.

Players and referees/markers must conduct themselves at all times in ways which bring credit to the image of squash. They must behave with dignity on court. Some specific aspects of on court behaviour which are considered contrary to creditable conduct include the following:

  • swearing
  • making offensive gestures
  • disputing decisions made by a refereeĀ 
  • deliberate contact between players or between players and playing equipment

(this list is not intended to be comprehensive).