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Intercounty Championships 2010/2011 - Girls U19

Stage I - 10th October 2010

On Sunday 10 October 2010 the Girls Under 19 team visited Worcester for the first stage of the Inter-County Championships to play Worcestershire and North Wales.
The girls knew this was going to be a tough day but they came with a very positive attitude.

Oxon v Worcs

Ailsa Maclean v Olivia Carter 11/3 11/2 11/2

Ailsa was first on and found her serve was causing her opponent a great deal of problems. She managed to keep her serve very consistent and came out with a great win.

Abi Buckle v Charlotte Yeardley 0/11 0/11 5/11

Abi struggled in the first two games with her opponents very tricky serve which meant she could never get into the rallies. In the third game Abi was getting better at reading the serve and consequently was competing in the rallies more.

Rachel Buckle v Anna Johnson 5/11 2/11 5/11

Rachel also struggled with returning Anna's serve. When Rachel was able to return the serve she was competing well in the rallies and her overall game became stronger.

Emily Carr v Grace Talbot 5/11 8/11 4/11

Emily came on court with a very positive attitude and was competing well in the rallies. Emily was hitting the ball with great gusto but she found that her opponent had a very good touch on her drops and length and that was the difference between the two girls.

Rebecca Dixon v Clare Houlehan 11/9 11/6 7/11 11/9

Bex 's match was the longest of the tie . Both girls were hitting the ball well and with good length. The rallies were very compeitive but Bex remained the more consistent which brought her succesfully over the finishing line.

Oxon v North Wales

The second match was against a very strong team from North Wales.

Ailsa v Emily Jones 6/11 5/11 4/11

Ailsa worked really hard in this match, chasing down a great number of balls making her opponent work for every point.

Abi v Llinos Evans 5/11 3/11 2/11

Abi found more of her touch in this match and won alot of points by stepping forward and volleying.

Rachel v Chelsea Thomas 3/11 1/11 2/11

Rachel stepped forward in this match and found that she was competing more and again made her opponent work for every point.

Emily v Tesni Evans

Emily held her own against her very impressive opponent. She moved very well and competed in the rallie but her opponent was able to hit a great depth of shot.

Bex v Hannah Davies 1/11 4/11 3/11

Bex also had a very strong opponent to deal with. Bex rallied well but found that the pressure of shot from her opponent was producing more errors than winners.

I was very impressed with all the girls attitudes throughout the whole day. They were encouraging each other and fought right to the end of every match. They were a pleasure to be with. I hope all the girls appreciate the fact that these matches will improve their game and look forward to seeing them play in the second stage.

Many thanks to all the players and parents for a great day.

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