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Intercounty Championship 2011/2012 - Stage I - U13

Sussex - October 2011

The Three Chocolatiers

We travelled down to Sussex on Sunday for the first round of Intercounties with a few key players missing and knowing that Sussex and Hampshire have a number of players in the top 10 in the country at the moment at U13's.

With the difficult task that lay ahead I set my players with the incentive that the player who scored the most points in each match would get a large bar of chocolate.

In the first match we played Hampshire who we knew were strong. First on was Nikhil V (still U11) and Louis his older brother. Both of them played with a great spirit but Nikhil’s opponent was just a bit too strong but he managed to get some points in all of the games. Louis managed to get a tally of 17 points in his match with all of the games being competitive. Marcus T playing at 1 knew he had a tough task as the number two for Hampshire is the current U11 no 1 in the country with Marcus ranked at 12. Marcus played some great squash and was pushing hard to make it tough for his opponent. Marcus managed to get 16 points so was just a single point of Louis to collect the prize of highest point’s scorer. Ben P then had to play Jared C the U11 no 1. Ben seemed to get out of the blocks a bit slow but his opponent was putting so much pressure on retrieving everything and reducing Ben’s margin for error. Sadly Ben didn’t get into the match to force enough points out of his opponent so Louis V was the winner of the most points in the first round.

Next on we faced Sussex who were strong favourites to win the weekend. Although we lost all of the matches 3-0 some great performances came out of it. Charlie S and Ben seemed to have shaken off their nerves from the first round to produce much better performances. Marcus was up against the number one in the UK at U13 but played really well with a fantastic spirit and never give up attitude. Nikhil V had a fantastic game scoring a total of 16 points which was enough for him to score the highest points tally. Luckily for me I was driving the two of them so I was looking forward to the journey back

The last match was our best chance to sneak a game or at least improve on our points tally. Sadly we couldn’t quite sneak a game but Marcus came really close again in his match as did Ben. Charlie Sayers had a fantastic game and battled for every single point. Charlie managed a totally of 19 points Marcus, Louis, and Nikhil got close to but couldn’t beat. With Ben last to go on Charlie wanted Ben to win but at the same time his stomach was telling him something else. Ben played really well in his last game and was focussed in at least beating Charlie to prize. Ben actually was close to snatching a game but it wasn’t to be. Ben still managed to get 23 points in total so was happy to be the top scorer.

Graham Stevenson did an amazing job with the organisation and also setting the tone of the competition. He commented afterwards how well our boys had done considering the circumstances and how good our team spirit was. It was honestly a pleasure to take the boys down and if this group can stick together as they did at the weekend then I think the county will be very proud of you.


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