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Intercounty Championships 2011/2012 - Girls U19

U19 Girls Inter-Counties: Stage 1 and 2

The under 19 girls inter-counties were held at Wycliffe school in Gloucestershire.

Our team consisted of:

Emily Carr

Rebecca Dixon

Aisling Guerzoni

Ailsa Maclean

Abby Buckle

Round 1: Surrey

Abby v Jodie Koep : 3 – 0 loss

Ailsa v Hannah Measures : 3 – 0 loss

Aisling v Clare Wright : 3 -1 loss

Bex v Alison Thompson : 3 – 0 loss

Emily v Katie Wilson : 3 – 1 loss

After a rather slow and nervous start the girls managed to get in some rallies and some good shots. The main problem in this match was confidence levels, the girls all looked terrified with really negative body language. Some of them started to gain confidence the longer they were on court and some started confident and then lost it. Either way confidence is one of the main things from this weekend that we need to work on.

Round 2: Hampshire

Abby v (they didn’t have a 5th player) : 3 – 0 WIN

Ailsa v Amy Stenner : 3 – 0 loss

Aisling v Emily Hume : 3 – 0 WIN

Bex v Emily Crowcroft : 3 – 1 loss

Emily v Lydia Hume : 3 – 0 loss

Hampshire did not have a 5th string player which gave us a leg up in the second match, Abby wisely used this time to crack on with some homework! The girls played this round with marginally more confidence but the main thing lacking this time was an attacking game. The girls are very good at retrieving the ball but not so good at controlling the rallies which meant they ran out of energy towards the end.

Round 3: Gloucestershire

Abby v Hannah Ballard : 3 – 0 loss

Ailsa v Emily Penkett : 3 – 0 loss

Aisling ‘Nick Matthew’ Guerzoni v Joely Bennett : 3 – 0 loss

Bex ‘ Peter Nicol’ Dixon v Kip Quiney : 3 – 0 loss

Emily ‘ Nicold David’ Carr v Ellie Lake : 3 – 0 loss

Despite losing every game this round the girls played really well. Before going on court this time the girls all chose a player they were going to impersonate on court, and this seemed to help them act confident even if they didn’t feel overly confident, [sorry Abby and Ailsa-I don’t know who you’re players were!]. All of the Gloucestershire team are ranked at both u17 and u19 level with their number one being the 2nd best player in England!

All in all the girls played really well and I had a lovely day out with them. Their team spirit is to be admired and they helped coach each other between games which was really nice to see. Their performances improved with every game and it’s given us some things to work on in training.

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